Between June 26th and July 1st 2012 the north-west of Ireland will be buzzing with the sounds of fiddles and dancing feet as the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention comes to the island of Ireland for the very first time. Over 200 events will showcase the music and dance traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Shetland, Orkney, England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Galicia, Canada and the United States. Performers, academics and enthusiasts from all over the world will gather in the City of Derry and across Co. Donegal for what promises to be the ultimate fiddle fleadh!

Derry City

Gigs (Day and night), Festival Club, Conferences, North Atlantic Céilí, Fiddle Talk, Fiddle School, Masters of the Tradition (Fiddle/Dance Masterclasses), Fiddle Trail (Sessions/gigs), Trade Fair, Safe Trad, Fiddles by the Foyle (Family Day) 

Co. Donegal

Gigs (Day and night), Final Fling Festival Club, Donegal Fiddle Tour, Fiddle Case Exhibition, Fiddle Reels Film Festival, Community Workshops, Canada Day, Conversations, Fiddle Trail

NAFCo Projects

NAFCO Youth Camp, More Strings Attached, Schools project, Sharing Traditions project, North Atlantic Céilí, Strathspey Stories, New works @ NAFCo